We are pleased to announce that we will soon launch the first (beta) version of our service which will include 2 main features:
  1. Sentiment analysis of your current portfolio
  2. Market signals for those companies that could potentially be of interest to investors.
We also plan to launch pilots with multiple funds to build feedback on the product and bring it to a level where it can be most useful in your research when investing in startups and other companies.
???? If you have companies that you would like to monitor and sentiment analyze, please send them to me (sm@wale.ai) as a list so we can include them in our first test build. This list of first tracked companies may consist of venture capital or private companies.
As a result of the beta version, we would also like to invite you to become our first users, this will allow you to use our service without fees, for this we would like to ask you to also recommend us your friends or colleagues who could potentially be interested in using our product. If you send us (Wale.ai) their emails or contact details, we can also add them to our mailing list and tell them about our successes.
Wale is an intelligent data & analytics platform for VC/PE investors
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