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Wale serves as your AI co-pilot, automating the analysis and sentiment tracking of startup news.
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We gather and interpret news and startup mentions, ensuring you're always informed with crucial insights.
Millions of data points collected daily
Forget manually browsing web for startup mentions, let AI do it for you
We offer comprehensive sentiment analysis of both positive and negative startup mentions, delivering actionable insights to enhance your portfolio or pipeline management
AI sentiment analysis
& summarization
Stay ahead of curve with advanced AI analytics
Access Wale analytics where and how you like: from email and whatsapp updates, to simple integration with Affinity or Airtable
Connect your favorite CRM, messenger or task-tracking tool
Seamless integration
in any VC stack
About us
Founder, CEO
Sergey Mosunov
Serial technology entrepreneur
(built the r'ain group manufacturing company, zinc sulfide and selenide production, laser optics and medical laser equipment, multi-wavelength laser systems and optical current and voltage sensors).
A prolific venture capital investor,
co-founder of the angelsdeck venture community (more than $60m in investments), an active angel investor in 100+ projects. Two executive mbas.
Co-founder, CPO
Valentin Riabtsev
Valentin is a seasoned IT leader with over a decade
of experience in launching data and AI products
at Fortune 500 companies, including Louis Dreyfus, Accenture, and Procter & Gamble.
As the former Global IT Innovation Lead at leading commodity trading company and Chief Data Officer at one of Europe's largest e-commerce ecosystems, Valentin brings a unique blend of technical expertise and product leadership skills to the table.
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